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15 November 2019

Confirmed / Suspected norovirus outbreaks in the community - Know what to do!

We are starting to see an increase in confirmed/suspected norovirus outbreaks in the community

Author: Vikki Tolley

11 June 2019

Change4life Keep Active - New resources / Order Leaflets

Look out for the Disney themed Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up games take-home packs arriving in most schools through the School Fruit and Veg Scheme this month.

Author: Vikki Tolley

We've teamed up with Disney to create a set of new 10 Minute Shake Up resources filled with fun, quick and easy activities that will take your pupils on an adventure with some of their favourite Disney characters.

The free resources are flexible and designed to be used throughout the school day, helping to embed physical activity in pupils' daily routine.

Get started with our range of resources below:

28 May 2019

Walsall Council Catering Servcie - New menu Available

The Primary School Meals Summer Menu is now available to view online

Author: Vikki Tolley

12 March 2019

*Updated* Norovirus Inforamtion

We are starting to see an increase in confirmed/suspected norovirus outbreaks in the community -Be aware of your responsibilities

Author: Vikki Tolley

05 March 2019

Food For Life - Farm Links Free Training

Have you ever asked a child where their food comes from? Their response is often "The supermarket!"

Author: Vikki Tolley

A free Introduction to Farm Links training session is open to all Walsall early years, schools and partners on the 13th March 10am – 2pm. This session is designed to giive you an introduction to the farm and the role that farm links have within the Food For Life Award. 

It is a full day’s session at a farm in Birmingham – transport to and from the venue as well as lunch and refreshments will be provided. There are 2 places per setting and we are offering it on a first come first served basis. For mroe ifnroamtion and to book a place see the attatchment 


Remember ALL Walsall schools can regsiter for free to become a Food For Life school. A great way to demonstrate a wholse school approach to food and nutrition. 


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