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Published on 08 June 2021

DfE equipment provided via local authority

Dear headteacher,

DfE equipment provided via local authority

The management platforms provided by the DfE for equipment provided last year will be withdrawn on the following dates:

iPads – 08 July 2021

Routers – 16 July 2021 (data ends 31 July 2021)

Laptops/Tablets – 30 September 2021

Withdrawal of the management platforms means that the antivirus and filtering software on the devices will no longer be updated; therefore you should now make arrangements to reconfigure this equipment in order to be able to continue to use it safely.

Please note that equipment allocated to Looked After Children remains the property of the Local Authority’s Virtual School and should not be reformatted nor removed from the child it was initially allocated to; the local authority will make alternative arrangements for this equipment via the relevant case worker.

The following guidance has been issued by the DfE


Security settings expire in July 2021; After this, the iPads will be unprotected and users will have unrestricted access to all content on the internet. It is your responsibility to ensure users of the iPads are appropriately safeguarded
Apple iPads setup guide - Laptops and tablets - GOV.UK (education.gov.uk)


To continue using your Huawei router, you must reset it before 16 July 2021; If you do not do this, you’ll be unable to use another SIM card when the data runs out.
All 4G wireless routers come with SIM cards that provide data until 31 July 2021. To continue using your router after this date, you must reset it and replace the SIM card.
Continue using your router after 31 July 2021 – what you need to do - Laptops and tablets - GOV.UK (education.gov.uk)

Windows Tablets & Laptops

‘DfE Restricted’ Windows devices provided though the Get help with technology programme come with security software that expires on 30 September 2021.
When licenses expire, users will be able to freely access any online content. Devices will not be maintained with future updates including virus scans and software upgrades.
It is your responsibility to safeguard the young people in your care. Before you start – Guide to resetting Windows laptops and tablets - Get help with technology - GOV.UK (education.gov.uk)

Note: Bios and Local Admin Passwords can be requested from the local authority by emailing ictassetteam@walsall.gov.uk – please include at least one asset tag for reference purposes.

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