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Published on 16 January 2020

Emotional Wellbeing and Behaviour Pathway Toolkit

Welcome, this guide is aimed at supporting and identifying what interventions might be set in place to support the promotion of resilience and good behaviour in childhood and adolescence and reduce the behaviour that affects a young person’s ability to learn.

As emotional wellbeing and behaviour are so closely interlinked, this resource looks at both and suggests resources or services which might tackle one with the anticipation that it will impact on the other

There are many forms of support that can be put in place that benefit all children to prevent the need for targeted support. This resource aims to identify what a family or class teacher can do to support resilience as well as providing details about external services who can support once the lower level support has been tried

While issues may become evident at school, the time of pregnancy and early years play a major part in laying the foundations for a resilient person who can cope in the world they are growing up in. There are therefore sections in this resource identifying how the foundations for the resilience and positive mental wellbeing of a child are laid in these periods.

An online version of the toolkit is available please - Click Here (please view this document as a power point presentation and then click on the appropriate age range to work wyour way through the toolkit)

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Author: Vikki Tolley

Categories: Local Authority