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Residential Trips

Residential Trips – Staff Behaviour

Please could we remind you that all staff and volunteers who support children and young people on residential trips should have clear protocols for staff behaviour.  This should include expectations in relation to not consuming alcohol whilst exercising their duty of care.

We appreciate that many staff and volunteers take part in these activities and give up their own free time, and offer their services based on good will but we need to measure this against being able to care for and safeguard the children, i.e. if an alarm occurs, if a child needs medical care, if staff need to drive a minibus etc.

In the future some residential settings will be introducing a blanket ban for staff and volunteers due to concerns in relation to drinking alcohol.

Can you ensure that your EVC’s are aware of your expectations and that staff/volunteers sign to confirm they understand and accept expected levels of behaviour when representing your school.

Thank you

Seona Baker

Child Safeguarding Coordinator - Education and Early Years