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Walsall has developed the 14-19/25 Partnership Network - More than 35 members from schools, colleges, training providers, Wolverhampton University, employers and LA staff attend the network and lead on identified priorities all of which have their own individual action plans.

The recently established 14-19 partnership between schools, training providers and the Council will contribute to ensuring that young people in Walsall get the support they need to make sound choices about learning and work.

The partnership is focussed on ensuring that raising the participation age to 18, will ensure more young people go on to study and gain the skills and qualifications that lead to sustainable jobs, whether through school, college or with a training provider or employer. This will also mean that fewer young people are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).  The Partnership will do this by helping schools focus on improving qualifications gained by young people, ensuring they get the best possible advice and support, and engage with local and national employers to understand what employers wants from young people.