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Primary Planning Units Year 2 - Unit 1,2,3

Primary Planning Units

Learning Overview 

In this learning overview there are suggested assessment opportunities linked to the assessment focuses within the Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP) guidelines. As you plan your teaching for this unit, draw on these suggestions and alternative methods to help you to gather evidence of attainment or to identify barriers to progress that will inform you’re planning to meet the needs of particular groups of children. When you make a periodic assessment of children’s learning, this accumulating evidence will help you to determine the level at which they are working. To gather evidence related to the three Ma1 assessment focuses (problem solving, reasoning and communicating), it is important to give children space and time to develop their own approaches and strategies throughout the mathematics curriculum, as well as through the application of skills across the curriculum.


The blocks covered in this section are as follows:

  • Block A – Counting, partitioning and calculating
  • Block B – Securing number facts, understanding shape
  • Block C – Handling Data and Measures
  • Block D – Calculating Measuring and Understanding Shape
  • Block E – Securing number facts, relationships and calculating