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Problem solving pack - Finding all possibilities

This pack contains activities and lessons from foundation stage- years 6. By the end of these activities and lessons the children will be able to:

Foundation Stage

  • Recognise similarities and differences;
  • Sort objects, using a number of criteria;
  • Explain what they are thinking and doing.


  • Recognise that there is more than one possible answer to a problem;
  • Explain how answers differ and to record different answers in a list.

Year 2

  • Begin to use a systematic way to solve a problem involving finding all possibilities;
  • Create a clear list of possibilities

Year 3

  • Prove that they have found all possible answers to a problem by generalising a list;
  • Check that their solution fulfils the criterion

Year 4

  • Solve a problem by checking possible solutions against a given criteria;
  • Solve a problem by listing all possible answers;
  • List possible answers in a systematic way.

Year 5

  • Find all possibilities by working systematically;
  • Begin to see how working systematically can help explain reasoning.

Year 6

  • Understand strategies to record the solutions to a visual problem in a systematic way.

Problem-solving_pack_finding_all_possibilities1 (PDF 1.28MB)