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What I can do in my Mathematics!

What I can do in my Mathematics!

To support assessment the adult will need to provide a range of practical resources referred to in the prompts for each of the six areas of Mathematics.

Level 1

1.    Reading, writing and ordering numbers

2.    Counting and comparing numbers of objects and events

3.    Use of known number of facts, properties and relationships

4.    Understanding addition and subtraction

5.    Describing shape, position and movement

6.    Measuring and ordering objects using comparison

Level 2

1.    My counting, comparing and ordering numbers

2.    My understanding of addition and subtraction and their relationship

3.    My use of mental calculation strategies to solve problems involving addition and subtraction

4.    My skills in recognising and describing shapes

5.    My understanding and use of standard units and equipment to measure

6.    My skills in organising and interpreting data to answer questions

Level 3

1.    My understanding of numbers

2.    My mental addition and subtraction

3.    My understanding of multiplication and division

4.    My understanding of shapes

5.    My problem solving using money and measures

6.    My problem solving using tables and graphs

Level 4

1.    My mental mathematics

2.    My understanding of Numbers

3.    My calculating using money and time

4.    My skills in reading scales

5.    My problem solving using tables and graphs

6.    My understanding of shapes

Level 5

1.    My mental and written calculation methods

2.    My explanations of pattern and reasoning

3.    My understanding of fractions, ratio and properties

4.    My solving of multi-step problems

5.    My use of shape and angle properties

6.    My understanding and comparison of graphs and outcomes