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Agreed Syllabus 2016-21

There is a statutory requirement to review the Agreed Syllabus every five years. During the academic 2015/16 year a review took place . This review was lead by RE Today and was made up of volunteers from Woodlands Academy of Learning, Mary Elliot School,Lower Farm Primary, Rushall Primary and Queen Mary's High School. 

The  new Agreed Syllabus was launched at a conference at the Forest Arts Centre on June 6th 2016 where  representatives from more than  60 schools attended.

At the launch which was well received there were a number of presentations which colleagues were keen to have access to. These included Session One, Session Two, Eight steps to Assessment and KS1 Syllabus.


Units of Work

In order to support the Agreed Syllabus, Units of Work have been developed in conjunction with RE Today. These resources are available free of charge to all Walsall schools/academies. These units should not be passed on to others and should only be used by school/academies in Walsall.There are now twenty seven units of work to support this syllabus and they will be uploaded to this section shortly.All schools/academies have been sent or given a hard copy of the Agreed Syllabus and a disc with the units of work.