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Heads Of Department Meeting

For the first time in a long time , a meeting took place on June 23hd of HODs of RE and PSHE. The theme was British values and was lead by Lat Blaylock from RE Today. The feedback from participants was very positive.

There were representatives from 10 schools/academies. There was a determination from those who attended to stay in touch and to help each other.

The session was funded by the Local Authority.

Thanks to St Thomas More School for hosting the event.

Please see some of the resources which were used on the day. These should only be used by Walsall schools and should not be passed on to others.

They include resources  on What is British  and A Question of Faith Sexuality and a powerpoint  on Open Minds and British Values.


Please see comments below from Lat who ran the session.

Dear All

I was delighted to see you all this afternoon. Thanks for coming, and for the evaluations, which suggest the session was useful to all.

As promised I am attaching here the PPT and some of the notes that go with the session. These are for use in your own school only please.

If you try out the ideas from the session, please would you copy a couple of examples and scan them and send to me? Pupil’ work is very important evidence!

It would be great if we can meet on 6th October 3.45-5.45pm. I could run a session on RE after levels at KS3, the hot topic of course. I wonder if there was a £30 charge for this whether that would facilitate it?

I think a secondary network group could also be very helpful in GCSE development and A level review.

I was delighted to get some new members of NATRE too. If you’d like to join now, then email me and say whether you want silver (£120) or bronze (£75) and I can sort it for you

Very best wishes!