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Admissions Process for Admissions to Primary ARP (Busill Jones and Rushall Primary)

From January 2015 requests for ARP places in Busill Jones and Rushall schools will be decided at termly panel meetings involving the ARP schools, rather than at Statutory Assessment Panel as is currently the case.

The role and function of Statutory Assessment Panel has developed and widened this academic year in response to the SEND reforms. It is appropriate that the process for admissions to these ARP schools also develops in order to ensure that:

  • The primary ARP schools are involved in the admissions process in the same way as the secondary ARP schools
  • There is greater transparency in placements between the ARP schools
  • There is more robust and accurate monitoring of places
  • There is equality of opportunity and consistency in decision making

The process:

  • All primary schools will be informed of the dates of the termly panels for the academic year, and the dates by which requests must be submitted. This information is shown below and will also be posted on The Link. Schools will also be informed of the number and type (i.e. Autism Spectrum [AS] or Specific Language Impairment [SLI] needs) of available places. If there are no places available then the panel will not be held and schools will be informed of this
  • Primary schools will submit a request for a place in a primary Communication and Interaction ARP to the SEN Team using the existing paperwork (available on The Link or from the SEN Team) and supported by evidence, as is currently the case. Requests must be received by the SEN Team by the advertised date. For information on entry criteria for ARP provision please refer to The Partnership Document, which can be accessed on The Link
  • The requesting primary school should contact the ARP School(s) with name(s) of children for whom places are being requested in order to facilitate a ‘no-strings’ visit by parents/carers to the appropriate ARP school(s)
  • The requests for primary ARP places will be taken to the termly ARP panel meetings, where the evidence to support the placement will be discussed and placement decisions will be made
  • The ARP Panel will be comprised of the Headteachers and/or SENCOs from both ARP schools; SEN Advisory Support Team Manager; Head of Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) or SaLT rep. and a Senior Educational Psychologist
  • SEN Team will inform the relevant schools and parents/carers of the panel’s decisions

Panel dates for remainder of academic year 2014-15:

  • Spring Term Panel – 12th March

Available places - Both ARPs are currently full. This panel will consider requests for places for September 2015 entry, when there will be 1 x AS place and 1 x SLI place available in each ARP.

Please not that for September 2015 entry Rushall ARP will not have places in Y1 and Busill Jones will not have places in Y2 and Y3

Request paperwork for this panel must be received by SEN Team by 19th February, 2015

  • Summer Term – 11th June

Schools will be informed via The Link of the numbers of available places.

Request paperwork for this panel must be received by SEN Team by 21st May, 2015

If you have any queries please contact Margaret Wiredu, SEN Advisory Support Team Manager on 01922 686501 or margaret.wiredu@edu.walsall.gov.uk

Please see attached flow chart


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