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The aim of the Public Health team is to ensure that services to promote and protect the health of the people of Walsall are set in place. Public Health is made up of many strands which include for example the School Nursing Service and  screenings and immunisations. We also help to collate and share data and information which will be of help to those supporting young people.

With regard to children and young people we work to the Healthy Child Programme 0-19 led by health visitors, school nurses and partners. This programme emphasises prevention and early intervention; focussing on key health issues; safeguarding; health development reviews; screening and immunisation programme and support for parents. The HCP is a progressive universal programme offering a universal service appropriate for all children and young people and additional services for those with specific needs and risk factors.  Services are offered in the community, the education setting or the home as appropriate. A child's wellbeing can be affected by issues to do with  perceptions, education and facts to do with weight,  oral health,   sex and relationships , drugs and alcohol as well as many other issues.

The best possible health underpins a child’s or young person’s ability to flourish, stay safe and achieve as they grow up. Health is crucially linked with education – for example, a child who does not master the basics of reading and numeracy may experience not only education but health problems in the future. On the other hand, good health and emotional wellbeing are associated with improved attendance and attainment at school, which in turn lead to improved employment opportunities. In addition, children who thrive at school are better placed to act on information about good health. (HCP 5-19 p 9). Parents play a crucial role in their children's progress and we have details of Parent Support Programmes which are available. We have also included information about Youth Support Services and  some useful documents which may be of help to those supporting young people.

To find out more about the Healthy Child Programme 0-5 and 5-19, see;


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For more information please contact

Esther Higdon
Senior Programme Development & Commissioning Manager - Children and Young People,
Public Health,
Zone 2f Civic Centre

Telephone: 01922 653724
Email: esther.higdon@walsall.gov.uk

Vikki Tolley
Children's Healthy Weight & Oral Health Coordinator
Public Health
Zone 2f Civic Centre
WS1 1TP    

Telephone: 01922 653750
Email: vikki.tolley@walsall.gov.uk


Email:  publichealth@walsall.gov.uk
Telephone: 01922 653747