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We provide a social, local history museum about Walsall’s most famous trade and a variety of curriculum-linked activities for schools.

In our work we use the expertise of retired leather workers, who demonstrate their skills and lead sessions for us. We have:

  • Hands-on activities: learn through doing!
  • Risk assessed activities for children
  • We occupy a genuine Victorian factory building
  • We have fascinating displays of local interest
  • We hold the Sandford Award for museum education
  • We are child friendly
  • We have a coach bay
  • We provide plentiful toilets
  • We support the teaching of Romans, Vikings, Saxons, Victorians, British Values, Greeks, local history, fashion, D & T, science, maths, Black History Month, Stone Age and literacy across KS1 and 2


NOTE: beginning on June 24th, 2017 we have an Old Toys exhibition opening: FREE!

  • The museum will charge for admission from April 2017 but school parties will not be charged
  • We are largely offering our activities at last year`s prices
  • We are offering an amended first person interpretation of Sister Dora, Walsall`s Florence Nightingale, differentiated for younger and older KS2 children. This activity is ideal for celebrating Sister Dora`s birthday.
  • An amended science session for upper KS1 and lower KS2 children about the structure and properties of leather. This session can prepare children for the Year 6 ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ unit.
  • An amended Local History session: Enigma, linked to the story of Walsall-born, Bletchley Park code breaker, Sir Harry Hinsley.
  • In response to interest from schools we can support the teaching of fashion. We can draw upon the Hodson Shop Collection of working class costume and have reproduction costume which children may wear. Free
  • An amended Stone Age session for Year 3, including access to real Stone Age finds and making local connections to the topic. This session costs £2.00 each if the children make a ‘Stone Age’ necklace but is free otherwise.
  • We have amended our sessions for younger children. For example, when children cut out dinosaur finger puppets or teddy bear parts they follow a line perforated for them by a sewing machine so that they may do the work themselves.
  • We are increasingly working with special schools to provide enrichment activities
  • We have updated our Roman, Viking and Saxon sessions: for example, we have added a demonstration of Viking technology to our Viking purse-making; we can incorporate reproduction Roman armour into our Roman session (plus counting in Roman numerals) and, for Saxons, we have added quill and ink making to the study of the Saxon Lichfield Gospel (£3.00), not forgetting our superb Sutton Hoo helmet activity (£5.00)
  • Visit our exhibition of old toys which runs from June 2017 until Christmas 2017
  • We can now sometimes bring our activities into school where coming to us is particularly difficult

Why choose us?

We are a former Museum of the Year and one of only a small number of local museums to twice win the Sandford Award for excellence in museum education. Our museum accommodates all sorts of learning styles. Our activities offer great fun whilst still supporting the Curriculum.

“Bill was fantastic with the class and gave the children a lot of information. The activities making the keyring and collar-were fantastic, thank you”.
Watling Street Primary School

cost Costs

  • Democracy-themed/British Values guided walk, including a visit to the Council chamber (by prior arrangement): Free
  • Viking Purse making: £1.50
  • Roman satchel making: £2.50
  • ‘Mask of Agamemnon’ making: £4.00
  • Full face mask making: £5.00
  • Roman tent making: £2.50
  • History Detective session: Free
  • Tour including keyring making, dog collar making, learning to stitch and finding out about leather: £1.00 per child
  • Shadow puppet: £1.50
  • Slipper making: £1.50
  • Sutton Hoo helmet making: £5.00 each
  • Making a quill pen and ink from tea: £3.00 (this session may or may not be linked to the Saxon, 1300 year old, Lichfield Gospel)
  • Stone Age activity: £2.00 each if making a replica of a Stone Age necklace
  • Local history/Victorians guided walk: Free
  • Teddy bear making (which may be part of an Old Toys session): £1.00 each. The bear has moveable joints
  • Doctor’s plague mask: £3.00
  • Making a Chinese dragon puppet: £1.50
  • Literacy session: Free (this session can be linked to Victorian Employment Commission reports comprising the competing voices of people connected to child labour)
  • Dinosaur finger puppet making: £1.00
  • Friendship bracelet making (braided or simple) : £1.00
  • Looking at the properties of leather, including some simple experiments: Free
  • Making a leather postbox moneybox: £5.00
  • A local historical, illustrated talk about the Zeppelin raid on Walsall in 1916: Free
  • Hedgehog with moveable legs: £1.00
  • Highwayman mask: £1.50
  • Codes and Code-breaking: a history of the Walsall code breaker, Sir Harry Hinsley, and some simple code making and breaking: Token charge only

Schools may pay on the day of their visit by cash or cheque, or we can invoice through the Council.

Whilst the use of the shop is voluntary, we would encourage schools to use it to help support the museum.

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David Mills

Assistant Curator
Telephone: 01922 652288/652283
Email: leathermuseum@walsall.gov.uk

We look forward to working with you.