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Emergency Planning

Within the Resilience Unit are a team of experienced and trained emergency planners.

In any educational establishments handling emergencies is part of normal life. However, some incidents that occur are more critical than others and may mean that staff, parents and children suffer acute or even prolonged distress. Schools within the UK have faced:

  • The death of a pupil
  • Fatal road traffic accidents
  • Serious injuries on school trips
  • Student suicide
  • Consequence of terrorist or criminal activity
  • Major arson attacks
  • Severe weather damage
  • Fatal accident involving a contractor on school premises


The Emergency and Business Continuity Plan for Educational Establishments is an emergency plan designed to provide a framework for a response by encouraging and supporting pre-planning.

The plan can be downloaded in two forms:

The plan sets out some advice and guidance on dealing with emergency incidents in educational establishments in Walsall.  It is, in effect, an extension of the Council’s Health and Safety Policy, in which general duties and responsibilities have been laid down for all staff, particularly those in supervisory positions.

Any establishment that has plans in place will manage a response much more effectively and confidently.  By ensuring you know who will take on key roles during an emergency, having up to date contact lists, using a tested communication framework and having checklists and procedures in place, then you and your establishment will be far more prepared for when an emergency occurs.


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