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About us

Service Overview

Walsall Sport and Leisure Development Services

Sport & Leisure Development Services is the service in Walsall in developing sport, active recreation and physical activity. We offer a range of services, initiatives and projects to a wide range of partners, organisations and agencies in order to support and contribute to the development of sport, health and physical activity. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for the people of Walsall.

The team is made up of four core distinct services, which includes:

Sports Coaching and Club Development Team

Delivery of sports coaching programmes within schools, and community venues. Management of the Sports Club Standard club accreditation programme, and associated support and development of these voluntary sports clubs.

Health and Fitness Team
Working in close partnership with NHS Walsall developing and delivering a range of community prevention and treatment programmes using physical activity to benefit various targeted health outcomes, as well as maintaining associated referral pathways from primary and secondary care health professionals.
Outdoor Pursuits Team
Running two Walsall based outdoor pursuit sites the team deliver a range of land and water based outdoor pursuits and adventure activities to schools and the community, including a significant focus towards young people with disabilities.

Behaviour Improvement Team

Delivery of accredited narrow boat training programmes and ASDAN courses for young people at risk of school exclusion or at risk of offending.
Our local vision of excellence is:
To enable a positive change in behaviour, opportunity, and attitudes through sport and physical activity, as an end in itself or as a contribution to wider social, economic, environmental or health strategies.
‘Positive Change through Sport & Physical Activity’
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