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School Food Standards 

- The government encourages all schools to promote healthy eating and provide healthy, tasty and nutritious food and drink.

- Compliance with the School Food Standards is mandatory for all maintained schools. It is also expected all academies and free schools comply with the standards, and since 2014 it has been made an explicit requirement in funding agreements.

- School food standards are to ensure that food provided to pupils in school is nutritious and of high quality; to promote good nutritional health in all pupils; protect those who are nutritionally vulnerable and to promote good eating behaviour.  

- The revised standards for school food came into force on 1 January 2015 and are set out in the requirements for School Food Regulations 2014.

- A summary of the standards and a practical guide are available from gov.uk. 

- The regulations set out the requirements for school lunches provided to registered pupils, whether on the school premises or not, and to any other person on the school premises. 

- The regulations also set out the requirements for food and drink other than lunch, provided to pupils on and off school premises up to 6pm, including breakfast clubs, tuck shops, mid-morning break, vending and after school clubs.

- Schools should make reasonable adjustments for pupils with particular requirements, for example to reflect medical, dietary and cultural needs. 

- From 13 December 2014 EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No.1169/2011 requires food providers to make information available about allergenic ingredients used in any food and drink served.  More information is available from the Food Standards Agency.

- From September 2014 every child in reception, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools is entitled to a free school lunch. We have published an advice document for schools, local authorities and caterers.


Walsall Catering Service, the council’s own catering department ensures that meals are cooked fresh every day by trained staff, using high quality ingredients. All menus comply with the School Food Standards.  For more information Click Here