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The Beacon Young People's Treatment Service

What are the aims of specialist substance misuse interventions for young people?

Specialist substance misuse interventions are individual packages of care-planned support, which can include medical, psychosocial or specialist harm-reduction interventions that build young people’s resilience and reduce the harm caused by substance misuse to young person and others by:

  • Helping them to reduce or stop their drug/alcohol use
  • Developing their resilience and manage the risks that they face
  • Ensuring sustained progress once the YP leaves treatment
  • Providing preventative group work for identified “at risk” groups

How is this achieved?

  • Interventions delivered by trained and experienced young person’s recovery coordinators
  • Young person centred approach which provides respect, empathy and support
  • Comprehensive assessment and individual care plan
  • Delivery of accurate harm reduction information messages and strategies
  • Evidence-based psychosocial interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and counselling skills
  • Identifying reasons for substance misuse and looking at strategies to reduce use
  • Identifying young person’s strengths, resources and skills
  • Supporting assertive referrals to other agencies such as housing, mental health, education etc for a wraparound holistic approach
  • Exploring coping mechanisms, refusal techniques, decision making and healthy choices
  • Continued risk assessment and management and involving YP in reducing their own risk
  • Involvement of family and carers in treatment plans where appropriate
  • Access to clinical advice and assessment where need is identified

The impact of specialist substance misuse interventions can be far reaching and impacting, as these quotes from young people who have benefited working with a specialist young people’s substance misuse recovery worker demonstrate:

“You made me feel valued as a person. You took the time to listen to me……not let me feel small, or like I was stupid” – Beacon YP, aged 18

“It was down to earth and on my level. I would definitely recommend it to other Young People around my age to make them actually understand the real impact. You don’t see what drugs do to you" – 15 year old, Youth Justice Service

If you are concerned about a pupil’s substance misusing behaviour or would like to speak to the Walsall young people’s specialist substance misuse recovery team at ‘The Beacon’ please telephone: 01922 669840.

You can also visit The Beacon website: http://www.cri.org.uk/content/beacon-recovery-service