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Procurement Library

Commissioning Framework for Schools (Procurement)

A brief guide for schools on commissioning goods and services.

commissioning_framework_for_schools_procurementjune2011.doc59 KB

Procurement Guide for Schools (Issue1 September 2010)

Best practice procurement guidance for schools

procurement_guide_for_schools_010910.pdf348.35 KB

Walsall Council Contract Rules 2010

Contract Rules including guidance and financial thresholds relating to the procurement of goods, services and works

Contract Rules

European Union (EU) Purchasing Rules

Brief overview of EU Rules

european_union_eu_purchasing_rules_updated_jan_2012.pdf31.62 KB

Guide to Purchasing Photocopiers

Guidance on purchasing photocopiers

guide_to_photocopier_contracts.pdf269.98 KB

Leasing – General Guidance

Leasing – guidance for schools

leasing_arrangements.pdf65.8 KB

Leasing – Top Tips

NASBM and DfE Leasing Tips for Schools

schoolsleasingtips1.pdf2.48 MB

How Do I Use a Framework Agreement?

Guidance on how to use a framework agreement

how_to_use_a_framework_agreement.pdf71.66 KB

Steps to Take When Seeking an Alternative Provider

Best practise guidance on seeking alternative providers

what_should_i_do_when_seeking_an_alternative_provider.pdf32.84 KB

TUPE and Schools

An overview of TUPE and how it affects schools

tupe_and_schools.pdf 32 KB

Quotation Process: What Records do I Need to Keep?

Guidance on records to be kept when undertaking a quotation process

keeping_formal_records_-_quotes.pdf 102.7 KB

Contact with Suppliers During a Quotation Process

Guidance on dealing with suppliers during a quotation process

contact_with_suppliers_quotation_process.pdfv 23.05 KB

Evaluating quotes

Guidance on evaluating quotes

evaluating_quotes.pdf 98.92 KB

Proceeding with a Purchase After Awarding a Contract

Best practice guidance for proceeding with a purchase

proceeding_with_a_purchase.pdf 31.89 KB

Contract Management

General guidance on managing a contract let by the school

contract_management.pdf 79.05 KB

How to Get Value for Money From Your Cleaning Contract

Best practise guidance on gaining value for money from your cleaning contract

how_to_get_value_for_money_from_your_cleaning_contract.pdf 55.75 KB

Getting value for money from supply teacher insurance

Best practise guidance on how to get value for money from supply teacher insurance

how_to_get_value_for_money_from_supply_teacher_insurance.pdf 38.31 KB

Save money on reprographics

Guide to saving money on reprographics.

save_money_on_reprographics.pdf 52.16 KB

Save money on energy costs

Guide to saving money on energy costs

save_money_on_energy_costs.pdf 37.15 KB