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School Finance

Closedown 2019/20

The Closedown process and relevant forms can bve viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below.

Closedown Process

Appendices templates (Closedown worksheets)


The Capital Statement letter to schools and the Capital Statement Year End proforma can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below.

Letter to schools requesting Capital Statement Jan 20

Appendix 4 Capital Statement Year End Proforma


The Properly Assigned Sum forms A & B plus the guidance can be viewed by clicking the links below.

PAS Guidance 2019/20

PAS Form A

PAS Form B


Schools Funding Guidance – November 2019

An overview of  how a local authority is funded through the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) and allocated to schools can be found by clicking on the link below

Schools Funding Guidance -November  2019_1.pptx


Capital Expenditure including Devolved Formula Capital

Forms can be found below for completing by schools when spending DFC, please remember to code your invoices to your schools unique DFC cost code and not to the Schools cost centre when spending your DFC allocation

Notification of ProposedCapital Expenditure -Section1

Notification of Proposed Works -Section2

Capital Expenditure by Schools Guidance and reporting requirements

Examples of Capital Expenditure

Schools Unique DFCcost centre codes


SEN top up Rates 2019-20

SEN Top up rates for the 2019-20 financial year can be found by clicking here



Early Years Indicative funding 2019-20

Primary and Nursery Schools Early Years indicative funding notifications can be found by clicking on the documents below:-

Primary EY Indicative funding 2019-20

Nursery EY Indicative funding notification 2019-20


Effect of Brexit on the council and maintained schools in relation to VAT and customs requirements

Guidance can be found by clicking on the document Effect of Brexit on the council in relation customs and VAT requirements   


Free School Meals

Notification of new grant , Free School Meals Supplementary Grant 2018/19 can be found by clicking on the following links

Payments will be made to schools in March 2019.


Maintained Primary and Secondary Schools Budget share notifications 2019-20

The 2019-20 Maintained Primary and Secondary schools budget share notifications can be downloaded by clicking on the link here


Walsall Scheme for Financing School - Dec 2018 document

Walsall Scheme for Financing Dec 2018


Schools Leasing Review

For information, below is a copy of the letter sent to all Head Teachers of Maintained Schools and Academy Schools regarding Schools Leasing Review.




Information on Tax Free Childcare

For the Tax-Free Childcare, UK-wide scheme to help working parents pay for childcare the UTR parents will need to quote is:   9717719117.

For Local Authority Schools only the Post code is: WS1 1TW


Notification on Children Attracting SEN Top up funding

Karen Lewis will be using the Squirrel mail secure email address @cs.walsall.gov.uk to notify the schools SENCo on children who are attracting Top Up funding. 

For Schools who are having issues accessing this email address please contact

Rhonda Gough, Business Support Co-ordinator, Children's Services Tel: 01922 658351


School Finance and Early Years Team

  • Our service aims to provide schools with a comprehensive range of financial services. In addition, the team supports the Local Authority’s statutory and strategic financial management functions.

  • Useful website:  www.education.gov.uk


HMRC VAT guidance – for Voluntary Aided Schools

  • Please note a review of HMRC Guidance for Local Authorities and Voluntary Aided Schools has been completed and the agreed findings have been placed in the public domain and can be found on CIPFA website.  A copy of the guidance  has been placed in School Finance area.  

  • Please contact Robert Page robert.page@walsall.gov.uk  with any queries in regard to the guidance.

  • VA Schools VAT Guidance 2 (PDF 111 KB)