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School Finance

Properly Assigned Sum 2022-23

Below are the forms to be completed for properly Assigned Sums 2022-23, please note a slight change to criteria in that energy costs can be included. 

PAS Submission Guidance 2022-2023 

PAS Form A

PAS Form B


New additional grant for mainstream schools 2023/24

We have recently been notified of a new grant for mainstream schools in 2023/24, please use the link below to read the methodology and guidance and to access a calculator which will provide an indicative allocation.


Final allocations will be published later in the spring 2023 term.

There will be equivalent additional funding for special schools and PRU’s that will come via the High Needs Block this will be in addition to place and top-up funding. Allocations for 2023/24 to be communicated to schools later in the spring term 2023.


West Midlands Pension Fund – triannual revaluation – 2023/24 to 2025/26

Draft figures from City of Wolverhampton Council, as the administering authority for West Midlands Pension Fund, indicate the following changes to employer contribution rates from 2023/24.

  • Current service costs are paid via employers pension contributions based on actual monthly salary costs. The estimated increase below of 1.4% will result in an increase in current service costs for schools.
  • Past service costs are paid via a percentage of the schools in-year budget. The estimated reductions below of between 0.61% and 1.42% will result in a reduction of past service costs for schools.

The estimated rates below are for budget planning purposes only, but please be aware that they are subject to change. Final rates will be communicated when final figures are released.

Service Contribution Type

Current Rate


Estimated Rate


Estimated Change

Current service costs (on actual salary costs)



+ 1.4%

Past service costs (on budget value):




Budget up to £750,000



- 0.61%

Budget between £750,001 – £1,500,000



- 1.17%

Budget between £1,500,001 – £2,000,000



- 1.31%

Budget above £2,000,001



- 1.42%


Please contact Louise Meredith (louise.meredith@walsall.gov.uk) if you have any queries on this.


Consultation - Proposed Schools Local Funding Formual 2023-24

Start date: 31 October 2022

Closing date: 11 November 2022

In order to meet the Governments requirement to move local formula factor values closer to the NFF values and to ensure all allowable NFF factors are used in the local formula, Schools Forum and Cabinet approved a 2-week consultation on 18 October 2022. The consultation is for all Walsall mainstream primary and secondary schools.

The files below provide additional information: -

Proposed Schools Local Funding Formula 2023/24 Consultation Paper

Funding Formula Consultation 2023/24 - School Level Detail


Guidance for Schools Expenditure

In light of a recent request for guidance around what expenditure is considered appropriate to be funded from school budgets as detailed in the Walsall Scheme for Financing Schools please refer to the document below:-

Guidance for Schools Expenditure.doc


Past Pension charges 2022-23

Schools past pension recharges can be found by clicking on the link below, should you require any additional information all queries should be directed to Louise Meredith louise.meredith@walsall.gov.uk.  Tele: 01922 654692

Past Pension Charges 2022-23


Cash Income - Schools

To help speed up the process of allocating miscellaneous income to schools, could schools please email cashIncome@walsall.gov.uk if you are aware of any funding that is due to be paid into the Councils bank account and include the following information,  

  • Payer name

  • Amount

  • Payment date

  • Oracle code to be credited


Schools Three Year Formal Budget plan 2022-25

The template for schools to complete their 3 year Budget Plan can be accessed by clicking on the link below.  Submissions must be made electronically and in Excel format to schoolfinanceteam@walsall.gov.uk no later than Wednesday 1st June 2022.

Three Year Formal Budget Plan Template 2022-23



Top Up & Exclusion Rates 2022-23

Published High Needs Top-up Rates 2022-23

Exclusion Rates 2022-23



Early Years Budget notification 2022-23

Early Years Budget Statements Nursery 2022-23

Early Years Budget Statements Primary Schools 2022-23



School Budget 2022-23 financial year - amended version as per email 14/03/2022

Due to an error with FSM de-delegation figures below are the amended 2022-23 Budget statements. We are sorry for any confusion this error has caused. Should you have any queries reagarding the new statements please address them to Louise Meredith  Louise.Meredith@walsall.gov.uk

Budget Statements Primary Schools 2022-23

Budget Statements Secondary Schools 2022-23



Changes to the payment process of schools’ business rates from 2022/23

Following a DfE consultation payment of schools business rates from 2022/23 were to be centralised, however, an option to defer this process has been agreed for Walsall schools. This is due to the announcement of the Energy Rebate Scheme and the increased administration to deal with this. Schools will, therefore, receive business rates bills for 2022/23 and will be required to pay them in the normal way. School budgets for 2022/23 will include funding for business rates as in previous years.



Reporting of Community facilities income and expenditure 2021-2022

As in previous financial years schools who offer Community Facilities must report all income and expenditure on extended schools provision to the DfE as part of the CFR outturn process.  In order to ensure the accuracy of the authority’s CFR outturn for the 2021-2022 financial year, a completed income and expenditure statement will be required to be submitted to the authority no later than FRIDAY 20th MAY 2022.  The template for completion can be found by clicking on the link below.

The opening balance as at the 1st April 2021 must equal the closing balance reported to the Authority for the 2020-2021 financial year i.e. the balances held at the 31st March 2021.

Please email the completed cash book template together with a PDF copy of your schools bank statement showing the balance held at 31st March 2022 to schoolfinanceteam@walsall.gov.uk

Should you have queries regarding the completion of the template please contact the Schools Finance Team; schoolfinanceteam@walsall.gov.uk

Cashbook Template for Extended Schools Bank Account 2021-22


DFC - Capital spending

DFC allocations are devolved to schools to manage alongside delegated budget shares, Schools are required to notify the Local Authority of all proposed Capital spend and seek consent where the project is in respect of building works.

  • Queries regarding your schools DFC allocation/balance - contact Pranav Bawa pranav.bawa@walsall.gov.uk
  • for advice if the project is legible expenditure within DFC Guidelines - contact Shelley Oakden shelley.oakden@walsall.gov.uk

To view documents click on the links below:-

Capital Expenditure - Schools Guidance

Notification Proposed Capital Expenditure - Apx1 Section 1

Notification Proposed Capital Expenditure - Apx1 Section 2

Examples of Capital Expenditure


Information on Tax Free Childcare

For the Tax - Free Chidcare, UK-wide schemen to help working parents pay for childcare the UTR parents will need to quote is:   9717719117

For Local Autority schools only the Post code is WS1 1TW


HMRC VAT Guidance

Please note a review of HMRC Guidance for Local Authorities and Voluntary Aided Schools has been completed and the agreed findings have been placed in the public domain and can be found on CIPFA website.  Please contact Robert Page robert.page@walsall.gov.uk with any queries in regard to the guidance.




Finance & Contact Rules - June 2015 document - Finance & Contract Rules 2018.pdf

Walsall Scheme for Financing Schools - January 2021 document - Walsall Scheme for Financing Schools January 21