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School Finance

Past Pension Costs 2020-21

The Council’s past pension liability in respect of schools has been now been confirmed and the charges to individual schools will at the end of June 2020, however due to the change in financial systems this may not show on your Oracle account until July 2020 (invoices will be raised for schools operating outside the councils systems). As in previous years the method used to allocated the charge will be that agreed with School Forum and will be a percentage of the 2020-21 local funding formula allocation plus early years where appropriate, this percentage applied will vary according to levels of anticipated funding. 

It should be noted that it as the council’s liability in respect of school has reduced it has been possible to reduce the level of past pension charge to schools.  The table below details the percentages agreed with Forum to be applied to funding levels and the reduced percentages applied  to each funding band.


Original percentages agreed with School Forum

2020-21 Percentages applied following reduction in liabilities

Budget up to 750,000



Between 750,001 - 1,500,000



Between 1,500,001 - 2,000,000



Budget above 2,000,001



Click on the links below to find your schools calculated amount for the 2020-21 financial year

Past Pension charges 2020-21 - Nursery Schools

Past Pension charges 2020-21 - Special Schools

Past Pension charges 2020-21 Primary and Secondary Schools


Formal Budget plan 2020-21

Under the Walsall Scheme for Financing Schools a formal budget plan, approved by the governing body or by a committee of the governing body, must be submitted to the Local Authority. The deadline date for submission of your schools 2020-21 formal budget plan is Tuesday 30th June 2020.

Form for completion can be found by clicking on the link Formal Budget Plan 2020-21Template.xlsx


Teachers pay and pension grant (TPG) and (TPECG) 2020-21

Links to the DfE website in respect of grants:




HN Top Up Rates for 2020-21

Please click here for HN Top Up Rates for 2020-21.

NB. Transitional Top-up Support for Mainstream Schools – 2020-21 is a one-off funding for 2020-21 and will be paid over 38 weeks of academic year not 52 weeks of calendar year.


Delayed implementation of changes to the Scheme for Financing Schools impacting on the submission Governor approved budget plans and SFVS

Please click here for further information.


Schools Early Years Indicative Budgets 2020/21

The 2020-21 maintained schools early eyars indicative budget share notifications can now be downloaded by clicking the links below:- 

Nursery Schools EY Indicative Funding Notification 2020-21

Primary Schools EY Funding Notification 2020-21

Special Schools EY Indicative Funding Notification 2020-21


Supplier Payments during Covid-19 Outbreak

Special arrangements have been put into place to pay suppliers during the Covid-19 Outbreak.

To access the documents please click on the links below

Covid Payment Comms - School .pdf

Procurement Policy-Supplier relief due to COLVID-19.pdf


Closedown process 2019/20 - Revised on 18/03/2020

The revised 2019-20 Close down process can be downloaded by clicking on the link here


Maintained Primary and Secondary Schools Budget share notifications 2020-21

The 2020-21 Maintained Primary and Secondary schools budget share notifications can be downloaded by clicking on the link here .


Closedown 2019/20

The Closedown process and relevant forms can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below.

Closedown Process

Appendices templates (Closedown worksheets)


The Capital Statement letter to schools and the Capital Statement Year End proforma can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below.



Useful Links to

Walsall Scheme for Financing Schools - April 2017.pdf












Information on Tax Free Childcare

For the Tax-Free Childcare, UK-wide scheme to help working parents pay for childcare the UTR parents will need to quote is:   9717719117.

For Local Authority Schools only the Post code is: WS1 1TW


Notification on Children Attracting SEN Top up funding

Karen Lewis will be using the Squirrel mail secure email address @cs.walsall.gov.uk to notify the schools SENCo on children who are attracting Top Up funding. 

For Schools who are having issues accessing this email address please contact

Rhonda Gough, Business Support Co-ordinator, Children's Services Tel: 01922 658351


School Finance and Early Years Team


HMRC VAT guidance – for Voluntary Aided Schools