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Our service at a glance

Our Online Safety Advisory Service addresses how schools and organisations working with children can protect children online and effectively embed e-safety strategies.

The service will bring together best practice approaches on empowering and educating young people to use the internet and digital technology responsibly and safely. This will allow young people to take advantage of the opportunities the internet and new technologies can offer, whilst responding to any risks.


What we are offering:

  • Whole school training, including all staff, SLT and governors, students, parents. Please click to view courses.
  • An  Online Safety Audit, a report uniquely tailored for your school that identifies any gaps and/or risks from both a safeguarding and Ofsted context.
  • Twilight sessions for teachers and support staff
  • Evening session for parents and/or governors
  • Assembly or class sessions for students
  •  Termly update seminars
  • Online Monitoring service

Why choose us?


Woodlands Academy of  Learning  successfully achieve the 360safe award with our support, here are the staff (Head teacher, Tamsin Newton and Online safety, lead Sarah Harvey) with the Woodlands Warriors. Congratulations to all of them! 

The Woodlands Warriors have taken on the role of champions for online safety in school. Isabelle James says "I enjoy being a woodlands warrior because I enjoy giving people advice and making sure that no body gets bullied or getting told off themselves online." Esme Corbett added "I enjoy helping people and you get to be apart of lots of fun things and learn skills to keep you safe online." The report from the assessor mentions our support:

  • The school has developed excellent external links to ensure that they are as up-to date as possible, this has also helped the school developed a high level of self-sufficiency.
  • The school is in regular contact with the local authority lead for online safety. 

Woodlands Academy of Learning 

Pupils take an active role in promoting ways to stay safe. I was particularly impressed by the school’s use of digital leaders.  These pupils work alongside their peers and promote ways in which all pupils can stay safe online.  As one pupil remarked: ‘Doing this role has made me realise how important it is to know about online safety.’ Ofsted Report 

“Working with Nicola has enabled our Online Safety Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead and Senior Management Team to develop the role of digital leaders within the school.  It was Nicola who suggested the change in role title to ‘Digital Leader’ and Nicola who has provided us with ideas to engage the pupils in their role, from designing a logo and motto to a pupil questionnaire to a digital storybook." Headteacher 

“The Online Safety support service has helped the school to develop a systematic approach to Online safety. Governors, Leaders, Staff, Pupils and Parents have received comprehensive training allowing us to improve the safety of the children in our care. Nicola works closely with our IT providers to ensure monitoring systems are effective and has supported the development of our Computing lead. Our recent Osfted inspection report refers to our pupil’s ability to ‘talk confidently about how to keep themselves safe online’  I would highly recommend the service.”

‘Pupils could talk confidently about how to keep themselves safe online.’

Quote from Headteacher at Holy Trinity Primary and Ofsted Report  – from Holy Trinity C E Primary School, following extensive work with all stakeholders at school.

  • As with many areas of education,  Online Safety is most effective when it is integrated into the curriculum and a consistent message is shared amongst staff, parents and students.
  • Examine the latest approaches to safeguarding children and young people from grooming and harmful content online.
  • Understanding the latest developments from social media encouraging young people to stay safe online and the positive use of social media.
  • Understanding the potential risk areas online and the dangers of sharing images
  • Knowing how to engage with issues of online-bullying and ‘sexting’ and dealing with what upsets children online.
  • Gaining insight from other schools on their approach to developing an effective online safety strategy that encourages the safe use of the internet and new technologies
  • Guidance on the use of apps both personally and organisationally and the relationship between new technologies and consistent behaviours


Full day online safety in school £250

1/2 day online safety in school £150

Twilight session in school (up to 2hrs) £130

Full day course/workshop at EDC £200

1/2 day course/workshop at EDC £100 

Bundle Price includes at least – 3 full days online safety sessions in school, 2 twilight sessions and 1/2 day online safety session at the EDC:

Primary schools and Primary academies £250 plus £3.00 per pupil

Nursery schools £175 plus £3.00 per pupil

Special schools and special academies £175 plus £3.00 per pupil

Secondary schools and secondary academies £500 plus £3.00 per pupil

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