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National Heatwave Plan (2018)

The National Heatwave plan is currently and lasts until the 15th September when temperature thresholds are set to be breached. The threshold for the West Midlands region is set at above 300C during the day and above 150C at night for more than 2 consecutive days. To support the plan the Met Office releases heatwave alerts.

Please ensure that your school;

  • Is familiar with the National Heatwave Plan (especially page 30)
  • Share with your staff the guidance for teachers and professionals about looking after children during heatwaves
  • Inform your staff how they can look after children both outdoors and indoors (Appendix 3.3)
  • Display Beat The Heat poster in your school
  • Share with parents / guardians the key messages on how they can beat the heat at home (e.g. on your website / social media / emails)
  • Stay tuned to the weather forecast on the radio, TV or social media, or the Met Office.
  • Follow Walsall Council on Facebook and Twitter or the public health Twitter account @phwalsall for updates
  • For more information please see NHS Choices

Finally, please make sure your school is registered to receive the National Heatwave Alerts directly by contacting the Met Office by enquires@metoffice.gov.uk and provide a contact name / school name and contact details.

If you would like more information on Walsall Heatwave Plan then please contact;

Sharon Grant

Walsall Public Health, Health Emergency Planner

Email: sharon.grant@walsall.gov.uk