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Education and Childcare

Management of a suspected / confirmed case in an education setting

The Public Health Team have updated their PHE WM COVID-19/ Walsall Council Resource Pack for Educational Settings (Schools and Early Years settings). The resource pack offers advice, guidance and signposting on all key aspects of COVID-19 from managing suspected cases, site hygiene and managing hygiene of toilet areas.

In addition they have also produced an easy reference flowchart for when children or staff become ill or symptomatic whilst in an educational setting. 

Word version


Walsall Public Health 

Letter from the Director of Public Health 

Public Health and School Nursing Webinars 

Webinar 21/05/2020 

  • To access the presentation Click Here
  • To access the Q&A Click Here 
  • To access the recording Click Here 

 Webinar 27/05/2020 (Private / Voluntary / Independant early years setting and Childminder specific)

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  • To access the recording Click here 

 Webinar 28/05/2020

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Useful links from Webinar

  • School Food Alliance: Checklist for COVID-19
  • eBug Resources 

    • The ‘6 steps of handwashing’ poster and display in your school bathrooms

    • the e-Bug ‘Hand hygiene’ poster and display in your school bathrooms and handwashing stations

    • the e-Bug ‘Cover coughs and sneezes’ poster and display in your classrooms and shared spaces

Webinar 18/06/2020 


Public Health Walsall Guidance 

Red Spotty Book 

This document provides general guidance for school staff and others with children in their care on the prevention and control of infectious diseases.
The advice applies to schools and any other care settings e.g. nurseries, playgroups and child-minders. “School” will be used throughout to indicate all these areas, except where otherwise indicated.

Downloadable Resources

Walsall For All 

Walsall for All has collated resources to translated guidance and accessible formats on information related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes, Support for the bereaved: Information on what to do when someone dies during the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health, parenting and scam and fraud information. Click Here

Catch It, Kill It, Bin It


Download copies of these handwashing posters as appropriate and display in your premises:


Health and Safety 

Please find a link to our model Covid-19 risk assessment here 

Please find a link to our Statutory and best practice bulding re-opening checklist here 

A model individual assessment, for any staff member who is "vulnerable" can be found here

For more inforamtion or to contact the Health and Safety team Click Here

Public Health England 

School Food and Catering

To assist schools and catering teams as fully as possible, Food For Life have co-designed the School Food Checklist for COVID-19 under the School Food Plan Alliance.

This checklist is designed particularly for schools who self-manage their catering provision. It is to help school leaders and their catering teams make decisions that are right for their schools so that pupils can continue to benefit from good, nutritious school food.

This checklist should be used in conjunction with other issued guidance and advice, especially around social distancing, food safety guidance specific to COVID-19 and enhanced cleaning regimes in schools.

It is critical that it is used in line with the school’s risk assessment policies. The checklist provides additional links to support schools and their catering teams with this. 

With thoughtful care and planning, it should still be possible to make sure that school lunchtime is an enjoyable experience, time spent sharing good food with peers and teachers.

Download the School Food Checklist for COVID-19 here

Food Foundation webinar ‘Return to School: Catering for Children in a Crisis.’the first in the series, can be viewed here and you can find the slides here.

Health and Wellbeing 

COVID-19: guidance on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

No matter who the member of the school community is they would have been emotionally affected by the Covid Pandemic. Be it through bereavement, trauma, of through the process of lockdownThe following information aims to support this work in preparing your community and support your journey in overcoming the barriers to positive emotional health and wellbeing. The possible solutions have been identified in partnership with colleagues from social care, health and education backgrounds. The links have been identified as helpful additional advice, with relevant government guidance to support settings. The further help section contains resources that have been selected to help settings with their journeys. We are also incredibly grateful to those settings who have shared aspects of their journeys as case studies. To access the document Click Here 

Heads Space

To support senior leaders across the borough, we are providing an opportunity to create the space, ease and freedom to talk about the challenges you are facing, with experienced leaders and coaches who will be available by telephone, Skype or Teams calls. For more inforamtion Click Here

49 Worries of parents, carers and families 

The following are direct questions from parents, carers and families (PCF). For many of those who contributed these questions demonstrate the barriers to them feeling ready for their child to return to their educational setting. Click Here 

 Black Country Rainbow Hour

We want to encourage all schools across the Black Country to incorporate wellbeing at the heart of all learning for their pupils. Designed with a range of partners from across the Black Country the campaign seeks to encourage all schools (and organisations supporting schools delivery) in the Black Country to commit and provide all pupils access to one hour of wellbeing and physical activity each day, whether that’s those returning to school or those pupils still learning remotely from home

Visit Active Black Country Webiste for more inforamtion and to make your pledge Click Here 

National Documents