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Female Genital Mutilation/cutting

I know that many of our schools have completed the government online training resource about female genital mutilation/cutting but I just wanted to raise awareness again due to the time of year.

FGM is a serious crime and can be fatal, and the school holidays (particularly summer) are a time when it is known that girls are taken out of the country to undergo FGM. The cases of reported FGM/cutting to West Midlands Police have increased over the years and we must acknowledge that it is often a single incident and parents may believe they are doing this for the benefit of their child, the child’s care can be otherwise be non abusive and there  may be no other warning signals.

A referral will be necessary if there are indications that there is a plan to arrange FGM, if a girl discloses that she has undergone FGM or if a mother who has undergone FGM and has female children.  Additionally if the family come from a community that is known to practise FGM, a child or parent may talk about a long holiday to a country where the practice is prevalent and may apply for leave of absence and/or a child may confide that she is to have a “special procedure” or celebration.

The link again for training is as follows; http://www.trainingpressreleases.com/news/virtual-college/2014/home-office-intensifies-fight-against-fgm-with-free-online-training

We have an alternative free on line course available http://www.fgmelearning.co.uk/   and this provides accessible, comprehensive CPD certified  ~ it will take around 45 -60minutes to complete

Finally; it is unlikely that a child, young person or adult who is at risk of FGM will use the terminology of female genital mutilation but phrases such a cutting. Please be vigilant and refer/consult with Childrens Services and the Police if you are concerned.