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Keeping you safe in your setting: Do not come into the building in these scenarios

The main way to keep the school environment safe, is to prevent children and staff coming to the school who may be carrying the virus.


  • Overview
  • Information for parents / carers 


Anyone who develops symptoms of (coronavirus) COVID-19, or whose household member develops symptoms, should immediately self-isolate. They should not attend school and should follow the steps below.

  • Parent/Carer or staff member should notify the setting of their absence by phone
  • The setting should record and keep a minimum dataset including: reason for absence, date of onset of symptoms, symptoms, class etc. (see suggested template in Appendix 1). This is for your own purpose. It does not need to be shared with the local public health team unless requested.
  • Advise that a test for the symptomatic person should be booked via NHS UK or by dialling 119 if they do not have internet access. This would also apply to anyone who subsequently develops symptoms.

Actions required by setting

  • There is no further action required by the setting at this time unless you wish to seek guidance or advice from the local Health Protection Hub 
  • Continue to monitor absence in school and if you have more COVID-19 symptomatic individuals later that week then contact the local Health protection Hub

If your setting has 1 or more individuals (pupils or staff) with coronavirus symptoms who are linked e.g. same bubble, class, travel to setting together please inform Walsall health protection hub by Tel: 01922 658065 or Email: walsall.healthprotection@nhs.net 


Page updated 30/12/2020