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Historic News

Withdrawal from the NQT Pool

Head Teachers are advised that Walsall Council will not be partnering to provide the Black Country NQT Pool as per previous years in 2015/16.

Recruitment from this pool has decreased over recent years with just 19 appointments made in 2013/14 with the remaining 90 per cent of NQTs recruited by schools directly.

As such, given the current financial climate and along with other Black Country local authorities, Walsall has decided not to invest this year.

Some regional activity may continue (e.g. a graduate directory) and you will be advised of this as soon as any information becomes available.


Change to the NQT Registration and Assessment Process

Since 6th November 2014, Walsall Council started using a new online system to manage the registration and induction process of all new NQTs.

This is a paperless system that will make the NQT induction process more efficient and effective; reducing the amount of error and duplication and allowing schools to access their own assessments at any time.

The NQT manager system is an online database system which is accessed through any computer that is connected to the internet via an individual username and password.

As part of the set-up process, the school administrator or induction manager will need to go to the site login page and register the school.

The Walsall site address is: http://walsall.nqtmanager.com

There is an area on the right hand side highlighted in yellow which says’ Register as an Induction Coordinator’. Click on this icon which will then take you to a registration page to complete. Please note user manuals are available which provide a step-by-step guide.

Once this has been completed and saved, an automated message will be sent to Workforce Development to approve the registration. Once approved, you will then receive notification that you can use the system and other users can be added.

There are various user groups that can be added and each user group has a set of rules and permissions that determine what data they can view and which functions they can perform.

The user groups are as follows (please note the names will be displayed slightly different to what you are used to seeing):

Headteacher – full access to all your schools tutors and NQTs

Induction Coordinators (Induction Manager) – full access to all your schools tutors and NQTs

Tutors (Mentor) – only have access to the NQT(s) they are mentoring

NQTs – only have access to their own information and the ability to complete the ‘NQT comments’ field on the assessment form.

School Administrators – registering NQTs only

The programme is compliant with the Statutory Guidance for the Induction of NQT’s in England and all information is linked to the Teachers Standards.

Resources are available on the site for you to view or download once you have registered.

If you have any difficulties registering your school or additional users, please contact Workforce Development on 01922 650715 who will talk you through the process.