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E-Learning through the Learning Link


Governor E-Learning (Learning Link) has been developed in partnership with Governance practitioners; its focus is on supporting Governors, Clerks and School Leaders to achieve ‘Effective School Governance’ that will drive school improvement to secure outcomes for children and young people.


The Governance and Clerking modules enable users  to explore specific topics and reflect on their learning by taking a learning review test at the end of each one. It offers over 50 purpose built modules and a resource bank as governance policy and practice changes. Existing modules are reviewed every quarter to ensure they maintain
accurate and relevant.

The Learning Modules will lead you through what you need to know, give you opportunity to test your knowledge and even certificate your optional test.

Please note: These modules are designed to support governors before and after attending face to face training.

Learning Modules:

1. Key Functions of the Governing Board
2. Exclusions
3. Head Teacher Recruitment and Succession Planning
4. Monitoring Performance Data and Targets
5. The Role of Governors in Safeguarding Children
6. The Role of the SEND Governor
7. Educational Visits
8. E-Safety for Governors
9. Understanding Schools Finance
10. Managing Academy Finance
11. Planning for Succession in the Governing Board
12. Health and Safety
13. Equality and Diversity
14. Early Years Education
15. Getting it Right as a Staff Governor
16. Governors’ Visit to School
17. Monitoring and Evaluation – The Governing Board’s Role
18. School Teacher Appraisal and Capability
19. Academies
20. Governance of a Church School
21. The Governors’ Role in School Improvement
22. Pupil Premium
23. Headteacher Appraisal and Capability
24. Different Models of Governance
25. Ofsted Inspection of Schools
26. Looked After Children
27. Introduction to Clerking Maintained Schools
28 Introduction to Clerking Academies
29. Preparing for a Meeting
30. Recording a Meeting
31. Supporting the Governing Board in Raising School Standards
32. The Constitution of the Governing Board
33. Clerking a Trust or Local Governing Board
34. Governors and Ofsted
35. Getting to Know the Law
36. The Clerk’s Role in the Appointment of the Head teacher or Deputy
37. Handling Delicate Situations
38. Helping Struggling Governing Boards
39 Governing Board Duties on Compliance
40. The Clerk as Co-ordinator of Continuing Professional Development
41. Clerking an Interim Executive Board

8 New Induction modules:

1. Governance: Your role, your responsibilities, your organisation
2. Your organisation: understanding school structures and what children should learn
3. Strategy: Living your values, reaching your vision, managing the risk
4. Progress and attainment: using data to improve educational outcomes
5. Resources: Making the most of what you’ve got
6.   Working Together: Building the team and improving the organisation
7. Compliance: Assuring your organisation, keeping it safe, secure and solvent
8. Effectiveness: Governance making an impact, changing lives

          7 Virtual college courses relevant to education sector:

          1. Keep Them Safe
          2. Protecting Children from Child Sexual Exploitation
          3. Get Moving, Get Healthy
          4. Female Genital Mutilation
          5. An Awareness of Forced Marriage
          6. An Awareness of Type 1 diabetes
          7. Career VOOC’s