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Payroll & Pensions

Our service offers a complete payroll and pension administration function capturing all areas of payroll and pension including monthly payroll processing, auto enrolment regulations introduced from the 1st October 2012 and RTI (Real Time Information).

As part of the buy back we will reconcile and submit both monthly and year end financial returns to both Local Government Pension scheme and Teacher’s Pension scheme. Through Real Time Information we are compliant with all HMRC legislation and update all pensions’ schemes and NJC T&Cs through the payroll accordingly.

The payroll service will issue a payroll timetable for pay claims and variations and confirmation of payroll deadlines annually, this link will be updated each year;

Payroll Timetable 2019-2020

Please find the NJC and Teacher's Pay scales on the below link, this will be updated with all effective changes, as applicable;

NJC 2019-20 (Schools who adopted WMBC Single Status)

NJC 2019-20 (Schools who did not adopt WMBC Single Status)

Teachers Pay Scales 2018-19

To obtain access to Squirrel Mail, we continue to use this web mail provision for the submission of monthly time sheets, Staffing Structures, absence reports and Teacher's Pay statements


Below you will find guidance on how to complete the overtime spreadsheet, this includes a breakdown of what elements to use and when, in what format the spreadsheet needs to be returned in and general tips.

Overtime Spreadsheet - tips and guidance

If you have any problems logging into Squirrel Mail please contact the Payroll and Pension team on 01922 655660.


The "Green Book"

The link for the National Joint Council for Local Government Services - National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of service document can be accessed by clicking the following link.

The "Green Book"


Walsall Council Employee Benefits


Walsall Council has chosen Cyclescheme as their third-party scheme administrator, who use independent, local bike shops.  Employees can buy a bike from any shop which is Cyclescheme registered.  Visit the cyclescheme website and enter your post code to find your local partner stores.

How do I sign up?

  1. Visit one of over 1,000 participating bike shops to select the bike and equipment that you want.  (Visit the cyclescheme website and enter your postcode in the box on the right to find your nearest partner stores).
  2. Once you’ve found the bike you want, the cycle shop will give you a paper quote, and you can use Cyclescheme's online tool to apply for your chosen package by entering the details online and requesting a secure voucher. Staff without internet access can use the Cyclescheme helpline to make their application on telephone 0844 879 5101.
  3. Once you have requested a secure voucher, Human Resources confirms eligibility and approves the request. Cyclescheme will send them an invoice for the bike package, and a hire agreement is sent to you to sign. As soon as the bike is paid for, the secure voucher is sent to you.
  4. Your hire payments are deducted from your gross monthly salary. At the end of the hire period your employer has the option to offer the bike to you. If you want the bike you pay a Fair Market Value payment to own it outright.
  5. You contact your chosen bike shop to arrange collection. You'll be asked for photographic ID when collecting the bike and equipment.

Are there any conditions?

  • You must be a permanent Walsall Council employee
  • Your salary sacrifice must not take your salary below minimum wage
  • The total cost of your bike and equipment must not exceed £1000
  • You are responsible for ensuring the bike is insured and maintained
  • You cannot claim cycle mileage during the hire period

    0844 879 5101

Childcare Vouchers

Under government legislation the employer run Childcare Voucher scheme will now close from 4th October 2018, the date by which the first payment must have been taken. Employees who wish to join the scheme must have registered prior to 31st August in order to make their first payment in time. After this date no new registrations will be accepted.


Existing members who do not have a current payment may restart up to 12 months following their last payment, after which they will cease to be eligible for the employer scheme.

For more information contact our supplier directly at www.computersharevoucherservices.com or by telephone on 0845 002 1111 quoting scheme reference 42390

Change in Legislation

The scheme is changing and employer arranged vouchers  will be replaced by a new government scheme for Tax Free Childcare.  No new members will be accepted once the end date is confirmed. Originally this was to have been April 2018 but it was delayed by Parliament until 6th September, meaning anyone wishing to join the scheme must have signed up by 31st July 2018.

Existing membership will continue until eligibility ceases on one of the four following grounds:

  1. They change employer
  2. Their child reached its 15th birthday (16 if disabled)
  3. They do not receive childcare vouchers within a 12 month period
  4. They voluntarily end the scheme and open up a TFC account with National Savings & Investments


Further information can be found on the HMRC website at https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/childcare-vouchers or on the government advice site at https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/

If you require any assistance/ information or guidance for Payroll and Pension services please contact ;