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Flu vaccination for local authority-maintained school staff 

Welcome to the local authority-maintaed staff flu vaccination page.
Here's where you can get all the information you need about the flu virus and how to get your flu vaccine. 

Why the flu vaccine is important

As we approach the winter we all need to do what we can to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our colleages from flu. This is especially important this year, as we continue to fight COVID-19. Many of you will work with people who are vulnerable to flu and by you having the vaccine you are protecting them. The vaccine will also help you stay fit and well at work through the winter months, into spring. 

2021 staff flu vaccination programme

From Monday 20 September, we are offering all Walsall Council employees the opportunity to have a free flu vaccination. This includes local authority school staff and casual staff.

This will be through a vaccination voucher scheme programme, provided by fluvouchers.co.uk 

If you are already eligible for a free flu vaccination on the NHS your GP should be in touch shortly to make an appointment. Read more on eligibility criteria. 

How to get your voucher

In order to get your flu vaccinaton voucher, simply email HRTransactionalOneSource@walsall.gov.uk from your work email address, with the following information: 

  1. Your full name
  2. Name of your local authority maintained school
  3. Full address (where you would like your voucher posted too)

For school staff, please copy your Head teacher or a member of the school senior leadership team into your email. 

Once HR receives your email and everything is checked, you will be allocated a personal voucher which will be sent by post to your home address.When you receive your voucher check where your nearest venue is in relation to where you live or work and follow the instructions. 

For more information about flu and this year's staff flu vaccination programme, please refer to the FAQs

Alternative Language Information

A flu leaflet is available to download explaining how you can protect yourselves and your children against flu this winter. It includes information for children, eligible adults and pregnant women, and details why it’s very important that people at increased risk from flu, or who care for someone vulnerable, to have their free vaccination every year.

It is available to download in the following languages:

EnglishEnglish large printAlbanianArabicBengaliBrazilian



TwiUkrainianUrdu and Yiddish.

A British Sign Language video is also available to watch on You Tube. 


Last updated 24/09/2021