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4. Training & Advisory Service


There is a growing expectation on governing bodies to prioritise their own self-evaluation and personal development.

Ofsted will consider the extent to which a governing body is committed to its own performance, development, leadership and management. The competency framework for governance released in January 2017 provides an outline of the knowledge, skills and behaviors required for effective governance. The framework comprises of 16 competencies, grouped under six headings for effective governance, as below:

1. Strategic Leadership
2. Accountability
3. People
4. Structures
5. Compliance
6. Evaluation 

We offer a comprehensive training programme and advisory support service for governors. Helping governors to shape the vision and direction of the school, acting as a critical friend, providing challenge to the senior leaders and by holding stakeholders to account for the performance of the school.

Evidence from Ofsted Inspections suggests that governing bodies that have prepared themselves thoroughly, supported by governor training and development, secure a better grade for governance compared to those that have not. We strongly recommend all governors to attend regular training to improve their effectiveness in the role and to keep abreast of developments that may affect their school and their role as a governor.

Our training programme has been designed to equip governors with the right skill sets and understanding in their role and responsibilities as a governor.

The training package we offer includes: face-to-face, e-learning, school- based and cluster-based training. We also offer training sessions for Clerks to develop their understanding of the role of a Clerk.

We are continuing to work in partnership with the National Governors Association (NGA) and National College, to deliver some free training sessions. Schools will also continue to receive as part of the training package free standard membership to the NGA and access to e-learning through Learning Link.


For further details and pricing please refer to the Traded Services Booklet