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3D Mouth for Schools

A CD rom teaching aid developed by the British Dental Association and supported by Wrigley, the site uses the latest technology to present dentistry in an entertaining and interactive way.

The 3D mouth illustrates the condition of the mouth at different stages of an individual’s life and demonstrates the development of various ailments as well as the application of treatments to  tackle them.

To access the 3D Mouth Click here

For accompanying worksheets Click here

Schools can download a network version of the 3D mouth website by following this link.

This version of the site can be run on mulitple computers from a single network drive, it can also be installed onto indivdual computers or should you wish to, you may burn the files to CD which will create a self launching CDRom.

Dental Snakes and Ladders

This dental version of snakes and ladders has been adapted from "Toothbrushes and Rock" – a children’s waiting room game featured in the book "Practical Dental Health Education"

To access the resource from the British Dental Association Click here