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HR Schools Consultancy (Open Page)

About us

The environment that schools/academies work in is rapidly changing. It is therefore vital to have access to the most up-to-date HR advice which is school/academy centred and in line with the best practise in the best performing schools. The HR team provides a convenient, effective advice and solution service to schools. The service is provided by a highly qualified, continuously developed and well resourced team who value schools as customers and who understands the needs of individual schools. Whether your school needs advice on the sickness absence of a staff member or a whole school reorganisation, the HR team can be trusted to offer you the best service available.

Information and contact details for the team:


Primula Paul
HR Manager
01922 655709
  / Mobile:  07944279916

Kerry Smith
Senior HR Consultant

01922 655771 / Mobile  07432174182

​Randeep Karanja
Senior HR Adviser
01922 658454 / Mobile  07557167021

Liz Mason
HR Officer
01922 650572


Group Email and Contact Number
01922 655868