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Process and forms for Payroll & Pensions

Temporary Change to Structure

Please ensure that supporting documentation (if applicable) is attached to this form before submitting, this will prevent any delay on processing the required change.

First aid payments are also now notified on this form, there is no longer a separate form.

Do not use this form for the following:

- Extension of Fixed term contract - this is still a recruitment process.

- If an employee is currently on a temporary/fixed term contract and you wish to make the contract permanent - this is still a recruitment process.

- Permanent changes to structure.  There is a seperate HR Transactional team form for this purpose.

Temporary Change to School Structure

Employee's Personal Information

If an employee is changing their name, a copy of either their marriage or deed poll certificate needs to be attached to the form before submitting to the payroll office. Please do not send original certificates.

Employee's must be mindful when changing their bank account after the payroll has run that this may cause a delay in payment.

Amendment to Personal Details (Address, Name etc) - HR Transactional team page have a form for this purpose.

Bank Account Details Form

Car Mileage

When claiming car mileage if the employee has not registered their vehicle or has changed their vehicle since claiming last, the motor vehicle registration form will need completing. The documents that employee's have to provide (V5, Insurance Documents and Driving Licence) will need to be produced to the authorised signature only, these forms do not need to be sent into the payroll office. This form will need to be completed in full with correct information, please ensure employee's do not round the cc of the vehicle. The car Mileage claim form must also be completed in full and VAT receipts relating to the month claimed must be attached.

Car Mileage Claim Form

Motor Vehicle Registration Form


Please ensure that all expense claims that are submitted for reimbursement are in accordance with the procedure and terms and conditions of employment. When employee's are submitting expense claims, all receipts (original) must be attached and the form is completed in full. Employee's are to only claim for their own individual expenses.

Expenses Claim Form


Please be mindful the leaving reason codes on the reverse of the leavers form have changed, please familiarise yourself with the changes to ensure the form is completed correctly to prevent delay. Relevant documentation must be attached to the form before sending into the office.

Persistent late notification of a leaver may result in an additional charge, due to RTI submissions and payroll deadlines which may result in an overpayment

Notification of Leaver 2017

Maternity / Adoption / Paternity and Maternity Support Leave

The teaching and non-teaching maternity application has been merged into one form, the conditions regarding the 12 weeks half pay has remained the same - Teaching staff must return to work for a minimum of 13 weeks and non-teaching staff must return for a minimum of 12 weeks. Non-teaching staff will also notice that the arrangements for LGPS have changed this will be explained more in their letter.

Adoption Leave - please note from the 01/02/2017 the Adoption Leave policy has changed please read the Parenting Policy under the HR Consultantcy area so you are aware what has changed for employee's pay entitlement.

Adoption Leave Application Form 2017

Maternity Leave Application Form

Paternity/Maternity Support Application Form 2017

Return from Maternity Adoption Leave Notification Form

Overtime and Additional Hours

The overtime claim forms have been revised, these forms should be used for both manual submission to the office and also if you submit your overtime through the spreadsheet. If an employee has more than one job they must submit one form for each job, for example extra hours for out of school and also one to one tutor can no longer be put on one form it must be separated. One month only on each claim.


The Council has taken the decision that from the 1 April 2015 there will be a change to how holiday pay is calculated for those who undertake regular overtime. You will notice on the overtime sheet there is now a separate box to complete to pay an element of overtime when employee's are on holiday (first 20 days of leave within there leave year).

At the end of 2014 a Tribunal considered an important issue of whether overtime should be factored into holiday pay. The judgment was that regular non-guaranteed overtime (i.e. overtime, which if offered, the employee is obliged by contract to work) should be included in the calculation of holiday pay as it could be classed as ‘normal’ pay.

Frequently Asked Questions for employees can be found here.

For further information on the above please contact HR Consultancy Team 01922 655868.

Caretakers Letting Claim Form


Teachers Claim Form

Self Certification

The employee will need to complete a self certification should they still be absence on the 4th day. Self certifications will need to be completed for days 1 to 7 and a Fit note must be provided for day 8 and onwards. If an employee is only off sick for 1 to 3 days no certification is needed.

Self certification

Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is designed to give parents more choice and flexibility in how they share the care of their child in the first year following birth or adoption.

SPL allows mothers, fathers, partners and adopters to choose how to share a period of leave between them after their child is born or matched / placed for adoption. This could include both parents being off work at the same time and/or taking it in turns to have periods of leave to look after the child.

Application for Shared Parental Leave - following Maternity Leave

Application for Shared Parental Leave - following Adoption Leave

Shared Parental Leave Request.

Unpaid Parental Leave

Unpaid Leave

If an employee requests / takes time off during working hours and this is granted as unpaid leave, please ensure they complete the request form below. The form must be completed in full, ensuring the correct amount of hours are indicated for the correct post(s).

Unauthorised absence will remain the same - an email to your Payroll Advisor.

Unpaid leave Request 2017