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External Review of Governance

An External Review of Governance (ERG) is a powerful means of evaluating the effectiveness of a governing body and it is good practice to review their effectiveness regularly to ensure they are fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

With the expectations of governors increasing, an external review provides an opportunity to identify areas of good practice as well as further areas for development.

Specific reasons why a governing board may request a review are:

  1. If there has been a new Chair of Governors or change in membership with new governors.
  2. A change in the leadership Team.
  3. There is no previous history of self-evaluation or review of the governing board.
  4. If there is a specific issue for example with financial management, safeguarding, standards.
  5. A request may have been made by the Local Authority, Ofsted or Regional Commissioner.

Our approach to external reviews is aligned to the Ofsted’s expectations of school governance and aligns with the Competency Framework for Governance published by the Department for Education.

The Review Process

The review is conducted by an experienced member of the team and will bring together a range of evidence. It includes a detailed review of governance which will include conversations with governors and senior leaders at the school and a review of minutes and statutory policies.

The focus of the review will be developed in discussion with the school and will lead to a comprehensive report highlighting recommendation for improvement and areas for development in terms of governance.

Following the review, the process includes a development session in which the findings and recommendations of the review will be presented to governors and support will be provided to develop an action plan to address any issues arising from the review.

Core activities include:

  1. An evaluation of governance through documentation including minutes of meetings, data analysis and website compliance.
  2. Face to face conversations with governors based on what the minutes/ documentation suggest about the governance of the school.
  3. A written report giving an evaluation of governance aligned with Ofsted expectations of governance and the Competency Framework for Governance published by the Department for Education.
  4. Unambiguous recommendations for development and the highlighting of good practice.
  5. Includes a 2 hour development session to embed an improvement plan.

Pricing: The price will be £1220.55

Follow up Review

This is a follow up review and will take place a year after the original review. It will focus on the progress that has been made and identify any areas which still require improvement/ development.

The Process will include:

  1. A review of the minutes and documentation.
  2. A review of the action plan and progress been made.
  3. Discussions with governors, School Leaders and the Clerk.

Following the review, a report will be provided to summerise impact of the governing body since the review, highlighting good practice and identifying any ongoing support or development needs.

Pricing: The price will be £525.00.