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Health and Wellbeing

School Staff Wellbeing

This term the Educational Psychology Service will be sharing weekly reflections on how to promote well being at challenging times.


Black Country Rainbow Hour

We want to encourage all schools across the Black Country to incorporate wellbeing at the heart of all learning for their pupils. We are encouraging all schools to commit to and provide all pupils access to one hour of wellbeing and physical activity each day, whether that’s during your school curriculum or for your pupils still learning remotely from home.

The Rainbow Hour can be flexible in format so schools can tailor it to their school day. You can split your hour into various intervals throughout the day, staggering activities based on your schools needs and to help with maintaining social distancing and adhering to the latest government and DFE guidance. Likewise, you can deliver this in a one hour block. It’s completely down to you and your school!

For more inforamtion and to make your pledge visit Active Black Country Website