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Health & Safety (Open Pages)


Our model Covid-19 risk assessment (January 2022 update) is available here - note, some controls (mainly relating to bubbling and segregation) were removed for the September 2021 reopening of schools in line with Government guidance; however, they are still included at the end of the model in case any need to be reinstated. Changes made to the September 2021 model are highlighted in yellow.

Our original model Covid-19 risk assessment is still available here, the September 2020 update available here and the September 2021 update here - all retained for reference purposes only.

Please find a link to our Statutory and best practice bulding re-opening checklist here 

A model individual assessment, for any staff member who is "vulnerable" can be found here


Introduction and contact details

Introduction to the health & safety team, the services provided by the team and contact details. 

This page also includes quick links to all the page, open and traded, provided by the team - however, please note you will need to log in to see the traded pages.

The health & safety team offers:

  • Advice, guidance and support on all health & safety and fire safety matters, by qualified and experienced health & safety and fire safety practitioners
  • Flexible access and response via telephone, email, or personal visits
  • Full programme of training and briefing sessions to enable head teachers and school leaders to meet their responsibilities in health & safety matters

We work closely with our  occupational health colleagues to help ensure a joined up approach to health & safety. We also enjoy a good working relationship with the schools’ HR team, risk and insurance, and facilities management – so hopefully we can help sort most problems quickly and efficiently.

Academies buying back health & safety receive the same service as maintained schools; including access to a comprehensive range of resources available on Walsall Link. Please contact the team for further details.

You can contact the team via any of the following methods:

  • Tel: 01922 655793
  • Email: safetyandfire@walsall.gov.uk
  • Post: Health & safety team, 3rd Floor, The Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall  WS1 1TP

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the service we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet the team

Chris Close
Health & safety manager
Tel: 01922 65 4620
Mob: 07944 279927
Email: Chris.Close@walsall.gov.uk


Sue Popham
Health & safety adviser
Tel: 01922 65 2483
Email: susan.popham@walsall.gov.uk

Davinder Singh
Health & safety adviser
Tel: 01922 65 4690
Email: Davinder.Singh@walsall.gov.uk  

Jim McCulloch
Fire safety adviser
Tel: 01922 65 5754
Email: James.mcculloch@walsall.gov.uk

Nazmin Iqbal
Health & safety support officer
Tel: 01922 65 5604
Email: nazmin.iqbal@walsall.gov.uk


Quick links

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