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Immunisations should always be checked at school entry and at the time of any vaccination. Parents should be encouraged to have their child immunised and any immunisation missed or further catch-up doses required should be organised through the child’s GP. The national schedule occasionally changes so it is important to check the NHS website for up to date details. Alternatively Walsall School Nurses can advise on the latest national immunisation schedule.

The link to the docuemnt below provides promotion resources aimed at early years and schools.

Immunisations: resources for schools (Public Health England)

Staff immunisation

It is important that all staff are up to date with the current immunisation schedule (see above). In addition to this, the following risk areas should be considered:

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B vaccine is not recommended for routine school or nursery contacts of an infected child or adult. Hepatitis B vaccine is, however, recommended for staff who are involved in the care of children with severe learning disability or challenging behaviour, and for these children, if they live in an institutional accommodation1. In such circumstances it is the responsibility of the employer to finance the vaccine programme2.


Women of childbearing age should check with their GP that they are immune to the rubella (German measles) virus. Those who are not immune should be immunised with MMR vaccine. The vaccine should not be given during pregnancy1.