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E-learning is an alternative way to receive training and brings many benefits:

  • Learning is self-paced and gives delegates a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary
  • Learning is self-directed, allowing delegates to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles using a variety of delivery methods geared to different learners;
  • more effective for certain learners
  • Accessibility makes scheduling easy and allows a greater number of people to attend classes
  • On-demand access means learning can happen precisely when needed
  • It enhances computer and Internet skills

Programmes available:

Our membership with the Safeguarding E-academy entitles you to access the following courses:

  • Basic Awareness of domestic violence including the impact on children and & young people
  • Hidden Harm
  • Short Breaks for Disabled Children
  • An introduction to the Autism spectrum
  • Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Parental Mental Health
  • Safeguarding Children with Disabilities
  • E-Safety

To access the Safeguarding children e-academy courses you will need to complete the Childrens Workforce Development. Booking Form, which can be found on our website;