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What is new since 2012-2013?

The Exclusions and Reintegration team is engaged in integrated working across all service areas in order to reduce the number of children and young people at risk of exclusion and, for those children and young people who are excluded, ensuring that any potential barriers to reintegration are removed meeting the objectives of Every Child Matters

As the Exclusions & Reintegration Service, we will continue to offer

  • Training, advice and guidance, both statutory and non-statutory, on the use of exclusion and the processes to be followed
  • Attend all governing body exclusion disciplinary hearings and independent appeal hearings for permanently excluded pupils
  • Offer bespoke training packages for individual schools on request or where issues have been identified
  • Attend all professional meetings including child concern meetings and Common Assessment Framework (CAF)     meetings where pupils have been or are ‘at risk’ of exclusion to provide advice, support and guidance and where it is deemed supportive to schools lead on any of these processes.
  • Provide support, advice and guidance to schools, parents and pupils with regards to securing a new school placement after a permanent exclusion has taken place and to organise re-integration processes suitable to the needs of the child and school

For more information contact:  Julie Newton – Specialist Officer for Exclusions and Reintegration

Contact number: 01922 686233