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Additional services provided on a consultancy basis

Collaboration / federation/ acadamisation

Advice and support to governing bodies thinking about changing their governance arrangements whether that be closer collaboration through to hard federation or acadamisation.

The team will facilitate discussions between governing bodies ensuring they are secure in choosing the option that best fits the school and its pupils. Support will also be provided in developing consultation documents, terms of reference, and schemes of delegation.

Advisory Service for Exceptional /Complex Cases

There is never a quiet moment for governing bodies these days but on occasions there may be specific governance risks or complex cases that require support in terms of being managed by the governing body. Tailored support and advice is available to Chairs of Governors and Head teachers in developing capacity and the necessary procedures to prevent issues of reputational risk to the school and developing solution focussed actions to resolve and prevent matters escalating.

Support for both the above services will be tailored to the needs of individual schools. For more information and to discuss charges please contact the Governance Services Team.

Governance Health Checks

Whether you are preparing for an Ofsted inspection or simply want some external assurance of compliance against current legislation and good practice the team can offer support undertaking discreet reviews of governance issues including:

Website compliance check - A desktop review of the school’s website to ensure compliance against all statutory requirements. The school will receive a report highlighting compliance and suggestions as to actions needed to address matters of non-compliance.

Pricing: Website compliance check - £125

Policy review check - A review of governing body compliance with statutory polices. This will include an onsite visit and a review of key policies against statutory requirements and an action plan for areas of non-compliance.

Pricing: Policy review check - £175

Governors Skills Audit - It is recommended that the governing board conduct a Skills Audit every two years to ensure that they have the skills around the table to be effective in their role. There may be a need to conduct a skill audit if you are looking to recruit new governors.

Our service will include collating the information from governors and presenting it on a skills matrix so that you can see where the gaps are.

Pricing: Skills Audit - £45