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 5. Professional Clerking Service


There has never been a time when clerking has been more vital for effective governance, both in maintained schools and academies.  

Walsall Governance seeks to provide a clerking service that is tailored specially to your governing body’s needs.

We will provide expert and professional clerking support to contribute to the effectiveness of the governing body. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and effective service.


We provide:
A professional clerking service with a named clerk to governors and provide a cover clerk where the regular clerk is not available.

The Clerk will organise and support the Chair and Head teacher in preparing for meetings and circulate calling papers to all governors in line with requirements.

Information and legal advice for the termly governing body agendas. Advise the governing body on constitutional and procedural matters, duties and powers.

The Clerk will undertake the clerical and minuting functions associated with meetings including; accurate and professionally produced minutes, highlighting challenge. Ensure that governing body decisions are followed up.

Manage information effectively in accordance with legal requirements.


Support for the Clerk:
Our Clerks are supported by the Governance Services Team and the work produced is quality assured.

All our clerks have access to the following support:

  • Access to the NGA Goldline through the Governance Services Team.
  • Advise and support from the Governor Support Team.
  • Regular training, briefing and CPD opportunities including national accreditation.

    The fees charged are based on the time involved in preparing the agenda, circulating documentation for the meeting, writing up minutes, submitting draft minutes to the Chair/ Head teacher and making amendments together with following up any actions that is the responsibility of the Clerk.


  • Please refer to the Traded Services Booklet 2018-19 for pricing.