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Infection Prevention and Control

‘Schools and nurseries are common sites for transmission of infections. Children are particularly susceptible because:

  • they have immature immune systems
  • have close contact with other children
  • sometimes have no or incomplete vaccinations
  • have a poor understanding of hygiene practices

The guidelines on the next few pages aim to provide information for staff about managing a range of common and important childhood infections in settings including schools and nurseries.

The guidance is not intended to be used as a tool for diagnosing infectious disease but to help and direct staff about where and when to seek further advice. It can also be used as a tool to help develop local policy and training.

The way to prevent and manage infectious disease in your setting is to:

  • promote immunisation
  • promptly exclude the unwell child or member of staff
  • check that effective handwashing is being carried out routinely

If you are notified of a case of infectious disease in a pupil or staff member, please report it to West Midlands Health Protection Team 0344 225 3560 option 2, as soon as possible as not all infections require exclusion. The Health Protection team can also give you additional advice and support as needed.’

A guidance document can be found here