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Authorised Signatories

In order to maintain financial governance, Financial Administration and Support  carry out a review of the authorised signatory records held by the council including the records for school based staff.

The objective of the review is to make sure that the information held is up to date, fit for purpose and that approval levels are realistic and suit business need. This means new forms are required for all teaching and School-based non-teaching staff that require Authorised Signatory status.

To assist in the completion of forms, the following maximum recommended limits are in place. These limits have been devised by analysing schools spend from previous years.

  Chair of Governors Head Teacher Deputy Head Teacher/School-based Childrens Centre Manager Other - Including school based non-teaching staff
Oracle sundry debts / AR Self Service (Limits are system set) - £100,000   £50,000 Up to £15,000
Oracle sundry debts credit notes - £100,000 £25,000 £10,000
Orders for work, goods and services; LMS transfers; Purchase Card applications, limits and spend approvals * - £500,000 £100,000 £10,000
Travel warrant authorisation only - £500 £100 -
Payment of creditor invoices - £500,000 £100,000 £5,000
Payment of salaries, wages £200,000 £200,000 £75,000 -
Travelling, subsistence and attendance allowances £500 £500 £100 £100

The use of 'Unlimited' when completing the limits on a form is not permitted.  A monetary value must always be completed in order to meet Audit requirements.

Chair of Governors should complete the separate form available via the link below. It is the Head Teacher's responsibility to ensure that a new form is completed for the Chair of Governors when required.  Co-operation with this would be greatly appreciated.

Head Teacher and Chair of Governors authorisation limits must match due to the requirement for them to approve each others signatory forms.

As approved by James Walsh, Chief Finance Officer on 14/11/2017.  As a Chair of Governors, the signatory is also authorised to approve travelling, subsistence, expenses and attendance allowances for school's employees up to £500 in value, the form has been amended to reflect this adjustment.

Forms will need to be replaced every 3 years; or if there is a change in post or a need to amend limits.

Only enter maximum values if there is a clear business need to authorise up to that limit.

The above recommended limits are also shown on the second page of each form.

The forms are available below.  Schools are requested to always use the blank form from this page and not save a blank copy locally for later use - this ensures that you are always using the latest version of the form and so avoiding any processing delays:

Authorised Signatory Form Schools (PDF 102KB)

Authorised Signatory Form - Chair of Governors (PDF (56KB)

There is an additional mandatory section on the form relating to the signatory being aware of the Authority’s Code of Conduct and Financial and Contract Rules. It is an Audit requirement that this declaration is completed and links to the relevant documents are available here:

Financial rules (PDF 908KB)

Contract rules (PDF 796KB)

Employee code of conduct (PDF128KB)

Schools with access to the QlikView reporting tool can now use the system to view all authorised all signatories within their cost centre range. The system also highlights forms that have expired and require replacement. Access to QlikView can be arranged by calling Oracle Support, Telephone 01922 654320.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact:

Projects & Performance Team
Financial Administration and Support
3rd Floor Civic Centre, Darwall Street

Telephone: 01922 654502