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Teens & Toddlers

Teens and Toddlers is a youth development programme is specifically designed to re-engage young people most at risk (aged 13-16), it  increases their educational attainment, aspirations and self-esteem. It is proven to  inspire young people  to gain the qualifications they are capable of achieving and  tackles the root cause of any negative behaviour (see Impact document)

Benefits to Schools/Programme Outcomes 

  1. Improve academic attainment -92% of participants achieve the NCFE National Award (entry level 3) and 55% of teens starting the programme go on to achieve 5+ GCSE’s (grade A*-C)
  2. Reduce truancy -16% increase in school attendance upon programme completion
  3. Improve behaviour -72% of Teens and Toddlers graduates report staying away from people who might get them into trouble.

Programme Overview

Each 18-week  programme, delivered by  fully trained facilitators, runs for one morning/ afternoon a week, in a nursery/children’s centre.

The programme combines:

  1. Work experience in a nursery (75 minutes per week): where eight  teenagers, mentor eight  children needing additional to build a sense of responsibility.
  2. Classroom sessions (2 hours per week) focusing on: anger/behavioural management, life goals and barriers to young people’s achievement e.g. teen pregnancy, alcohol, drugs.
  3. NCFE Interpersonal Skills Qualification: to improve how  pupils interact with their teachers/peers/care givers and to help them reach their potential.
  4. Group coaching: where young people can talk about issues affecting them (e.g. family problems; drug/alcohol abuse).

For further information  please contact carol.williams@walsallhealthcare.nhs.uk

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