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Online Monitoring Service

Walsall Council now offer a digital monitoring service. We are developing and extending our service in order to give schools the support needed to meet the requirements outlined in Keeping children safe in Education published by the DFE in September 2019 and Prevent guidance. This service will provide schools with the necessary information about online behaviours in order to support learners in your care.

How does it work?

The Online Monitoring service monitors and captures any incidents that occur on school networks using Smoothwall monitoring software. The captures are then assessed by trained staff to ensure the safeguarding of both staff and pupils. The risk of the incidents are assessed by an online safety professional and then reported to school as necessary. We report both low level and more serious incidents to schools. 

Reporting Captures

As part of the service provided by the Walsall Online Monitoring Service, schools receive personalised alert reports to bring to attention any incidents in school, alongside a weekly summary report.

If any captures/incidents showing grade 3 or above are detected, Walsall Online Monitoring Service contacts the school with an explanation as to why alongside a recommendation of what action to take. The E-safety Advisor can be contacted to help and support with any incidents or situations. 


Don't just take our word for it

Working with the Online Monitoring service has enabled our Safeguarding Team to deal with incidents captured effectively and efficiently. The service provides us with the knowledge that our pupils and staff in school are being kept safe whilst using devices. Any captures are sent through swiftly. When I have had queries they are and approached the E-safety advisor she has always been approachable, kind and friendly as well as ready to explain incidents and issues to me. As a safeguarding tool it is something we wouldn't be without, as it has proved to be invaluable in safeguarding our children.

Deborah Steen, Headteacher, Salisbury Primary School

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