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Integrated Facilities Management

Energy Contract - with effect from April 2019:





(Compliance & Reactive Works) (New Projects)

Ian Lister


01922 652536

Ed Kennedy


01922 650486

Stuart Jones

Contract Monitoring Officer

01922 650404

Julian Gibbons

Commissioning  Programme Officer

01922 652531

Janet Seaman

Contract Monitoring Officer

01922 654733    

Andy Jones

Contract Monitoring Officer

01922 650380    

Scott Southall

Contract Monitoring Officer

01922 654559    

Steve Hooper

Contract Monitoring Officer

01922 654559    
Support Team:      

Shelley Oakden      

Support Officer                 

01922 652596



Wesley De Costa

Helpdesk Officer

01922 652153 Courtney Meddings

01922 650307

Apprentice Officer

Dedicated Help Desk Number:

0300 555 2925

   24 hours, 365 days

All repairs need to be logged with our dedicated helpdesk.

If you require specialist property advice relating to planned or larger works, please contact:


PropertyServicescommissioningmanager@walsall.gov.uk or PropertyServicescommercialmanager@walsall.gov.uk

and an officer will respond to you.


In order to support you please find attached an aid which is applicable for Council buildings or where Council employees are based.

      Log Book

Our Mission

  • To provide a building fit for purpose for staff and end users.

We are working in a partnership arrangement to ensure all of our buildings are statutory compliant, and are fit for purpose for all staff and any who may use the building.

We can advise and instruct on planned maintenance and also Capital Project works.

Recently, we have replaced the lighting within the Civic Centre with energy efficient LED lighting – bringing about long term cost savings.

----- Looking forward, we are constantly monitoring our buildings as to efficiencies that may be made!

Presently, our team are involved in the planning and development of the Bloxwich Leisure Centre, and Oak Park Leisure Centre.

Our service at a glance

A complete day-to-day response repairs service, 24 hour out-of hours cover and technical advice:

  • Building, mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Out-of-hours emergency response
  • Energy conservation
  • Compliance with Construction
  • Design and Management Regulations 2007
  • Control of asbestos and Legionella
  • Fire safety
  • Log books and statutory testing and inspections
  • Disabled access
  • Planning and building regulation approvals

Caretaking and Cleaning

Full and part-time caretaking service provided through an annual service level agreement:

  • Site security (four alarm call-outs per financial year included in SLA, additional call-outs recharged).
  • Named key-holder.
  • Porterage.
  • Litter picking.
  • Lettings (a required undertaking for caretakers which incurs an extra cost, charged through payroll).
  • Guaranteed relief caretaking service when the contracted caretaker is off sick (guaranteed for up to six weeks, after which time support is subject to the availability of relief caretakers).


Tailor-made packages are available to suit your requirements and budget.

We will complete a site survey and advise you on the standards, types and frequency of cleaning required as well as the level of caretaking needed to support your school effectively.

You will then receive:

  • A price for a year’s contract to deliver the cleaning services agreed with you – with all cleaning materials and equipment included in the price.
  • A price for a year’s contract for part-time or full-time caretaking as required.

For ad hoc cleaning services, please contact us at any time and we will be happy to advise you on the appropriate cleaning response and provide you with a quote.


We will work proactively with you, the customer and suppliers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Providing Display Energy Certificates
  • Providing innovative energy efficient solutions, eg cost effective lighting solutions
  • Working to reduce carbon footprint

For a snapshot of the Energy team’s role take a look at our flowchart:

                          Energy Team Flow Chart.doc

Devolved Formula Capital

If you wish to discuss your school’s DFC allocation please contact Schools Finance.

For any building related matters please refer to the form - Notification of Proposed Planned Maintenance or Building Works

Examples of Capital Expenditure 

Unique DFC cost centres

Capital expenditure by schools guidance and reporting requirements 


                   DFC Claim Flow Chart April 2015

Our Values

  • We know that teams which have strong values; and those that are engaged, happy and motivated in their work will bring about an exceptional service.


  • We have the skills, knowledge, integrity and ability to look after your property – ensuring compliance with all statutory building regulations and Health and Safety matters.


  • We will show commitment to achieving the very best possible outcome in any project you may be considering.


  • We will always be courteous, approachable and alert to what our clients need, no matter what time of day.