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SEN and Inclusion

SEN and Inclusion

SEN Assessment

The team provides information and support in relation to statutory assessment. We co-ordinate, produce and monitor Statements of Special Educational Needs ensuring that Statements are prepared within 26 weeks, unless there are clearly defined exceptions. We work with schools to ensure appropriate placement including placement in special schools. We ensure that all children with a Statement are appropriately placed and supported to reach their potential, working with Social Care and Health to ensure multi-agency working. We contribute to the development and maintenance of the SEN Policy.

The Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service works with schools, families, partner agencies and directly with children and young people across the age range (0-19 years) to address a broad range of needs and promote emotional health and wellbeing in children and young people. Educational Psychologists apply psychology to help finds solutions to problems that can occur during the preschool, school years and beyond with a focus on early intervention and prevention. The service provides consultation on a range of issues including social, emotional behavioural and learning concerns. Educational Psychologists contribute psychological advice as part of the statutory assessment process and contribute to the graduated response in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice.

The Advisory Support Team

The team comprises Early Years SEN and Sensory Staff.

Early Years SEN teachers and Learning Support Practitioners work with children with SEND and their families from birth to the end of the foundation stage through multi-agency teams. They support nursery schools and settings to include children with SEND into mainstream environments.

HI and VI Teachers and Specialist Learning Support Practitioners support children and young people with sensory difficulties. They have specialist skills and knowledge and support schools in meeting the needs of pupils with sensory needs.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact:-

Education, health and Care Plan Manager– Samantha Caley (01922 652871)

Lead Educational Psycholgist & Strategic Support Manager - Dr Emma Thornbery (01922 652860)

Advisory Support Team Manager – Dr Margaret Wiredu (01922 652860)